Messi magic leads Argentina to World Cup 2018

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 | 0

In do or die match, Lionel Messi brought justice to his name once again. He made a incredible hat trick after getting behind in first time. So, finally after so many speculation team Argentina has reached Russia World Cup 2018 directly. So, it can be called as Messi magic leads Argentina to World Cup 2018.

In last round of South America qualification, Argentina beat Ecuador at their home ground by 3 – 1 and kept their fortune at their own hand. In other matches of the South American qualification, Brazil destroyed Chile and the match between Peru and Colombia finished with draw. So, Argentina jumped to the 3rd place and qualified for the Russia World Cup 2018 directly.

Messi magic leads Argentina to World Cup 2018

In the home ground of Brazil, Chile faced an unfortunate defeat by 3 – 0 against Brazil and so, their World Cup dream has finished. On the other hand, Uruguay confirmed their World Cup ticket earlier but played their last group stage match against Bolivia and won the match by 4 – 2 goals. And Peru made a draw against Colombia and Colombia ended the competition with 3rd in position. But Peru is in 5th position and will have to pass play off against Oceania champion New Zealand.

Argentina made consecutive three draw in Qualifying round and made a critical position about their getting chance in Russia World Cup 2018. And last match against Ecuador at Ecuador and also the hosting venue was located almost two thousands and eight hundred fifty meters higher than sea level. There was also a bad record of Argentina where they could not win any match against Ecuador after 2001. So, it seems that the fact was so impossible for team Argentina. To make things possible, the liability was on Lionel Messi himself who is also the current Argentine captain. This Barcelona striker did the job well and proved that why he is called as one of the greatest player of all time.

In Wednesday morning, team Argentine started to play against Ecuador and within 38 seconds of the match, Ecuador made a goal successfully and went ahead of Argentina. Then to save the match, Argentine needed to score two goals minimum. With the Messi magic, within short time, Argentina made a balance the score by 1 – 1. Angel Di Maria assisted Lionel Messi with the ball successfully. Just after eight minutes, Messi scored his twice goals and lead Argentina ahead. So, the first half ended with 2 – 1. In 62nd minutes Messi scored his 3rd goals and made a remarkable hat trick and finished the game with 3 – 1. So, Argentina made it to the main event of Russia World Cup 2018 successfully and Messi is the leader of it.

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