Messi is the most expensive player of the world

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Thursday, January 7th, 2016 | 0

Messi is the most expensive player of the world in this world.
CIES football observatory is known for quite accurate with their info and according to them, its Messi who is the world’s most expensive player and he is the only one who is worthy of that much money. To be more accurate, his total worth is actually near double of the 2nd placed footballer from Europe league.
They always do this at the start of the season and this season was no exception. They do this by not only seeing the performance of the player but also adding to the fact their age how many assists they have done, passes, capability and overall performance combined and thus they are known for it far and wide.


Messi, came at the top of the list and according to the research, his worth is right now 250.7 million euro. Recently there was a news that City will propose a 200 million dollar bid for Messi but some said that the number is way too big for one player. However, this research shows that in this transfer window or the next one could see even a bigger bid for the Argentine as he is continuing his superb form.
The 2nd place went to Neymar and his worth doubled compared to last season. His competitive price could be 152.7 million euro which is still nearly 100 million less than Messi. He is in the 2nd position. Coming at 3rd is a surprise since it’s not Ronaldo. With 130.5 million euro as the worth, the 3rd position went to Eden Hazard. He had been very good last year but this year is going poorly for the man but considering his age and capability, it was no surprise that he would make in this list but perhaps no one expected him to be over Ronaldo. The 4th position went to Ronaldo as the Portuguese striker worth at the moment is 114 million euro which is very less in comparison.

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