Messi is the best of the world at the moment

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, December 26th, 2015 | 0

Who is the best player of the world right now? well that will etermine how you put things up and the categories and so many other things but ultimately there will be a fight between Messi and Ronaldo.

However, some will add the name of Neymar in these two and that is exactly what happened this year as the those three made their way up in the top three. But, the big question still is, who is the best?

This year almost every legend has taken their eyes off Ronaldo and is focusing more on neymar and Messi. these two were the part of a successful season and won 5 trophies this year only. While Ronaldo hasn’t even been able to get his team anything at all. Its no wonder that the debate now is in between these two players but this is where things get complicated. Who among these two? Neymar or Messi?


Well, in that regard Neymar has a lot to catch up to. He is by no means anyone’s favorite. Starting from Argentine legends to Brazilian legends, no one thinks that Neymar is at that level yet. Recently eto said that Neymar’s time is in the future and Messi is the present while Pele said Neymar is not even close while messi is just from another planet.

These things indicate to one thing, Lionel Messi is undoubtedly the best payer of the world now. he might not score more goals than Ronaldo is a season but he creates twice as many chances for his team mates to score and is clinical at what he does. He has remained the center of the team while others are just strikers. perhaps that is where he surpasses everyone from this timeline. He passes and he knows when to move and where to move.

As a fan of Messi myself, its actually an amazing feeling to se him lay. I say, its magic. yes there are players who are close but in the end they are just human while Lionel Messi is simply out of the world. Perhaps he really is an alien and perhaps we are the lucky ones to be able to see him play.

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