Messi deserves World Cup

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Thursday, October 12th, 2017 | 0

Lionel Messi is called by many names like King Messi, Greatest footballer of all time. He has received many things from club but with the Argentine Jersey, he only got Olympic title and no other else. This Barcelona forward made a remarkable hat trick in the last qualifying round match and took Argentina in FIFA World Cup 2018. So, their current boss Sampaoli stated that Messi deserves World Cup.

In South America qualifier round, Argentina was in the 6th position and started their last round. They had no other way but to win the last match. They went down at the beginning of the game against Ecuador. At the beginning of the match, Ecuador went ahead by scoring a goal. But Argentina finished the match by 3 – 1 victory. Messi showed his magic once again and scored a amazing hat trick there. So, after the game the Argentine current coach Sampaoli made that statement.

Messi deserves World Cup

Argentina was about to be deducted from World Cup if they lost the last round against Ecuador. So, they were in great pressure. In the meantime, they were fielder to play their last match against Ecuador at the home ground of Ecuador. But Messi proved once again that why he is regarded as the best of all time. He was just unstoppable in the match. In the press conference after the match, Sampaoli revealed the secrets that he believed on his team as well as on Messi. He instructed to the whole teams very well. Besides, he also claimed that he told the team that Messi deserves World Cup.

He also announced that they should help Messi to play in the upcoming World Cup. Lionel Messi is the best player in football history. To stay with him is a very exciting moment for this Argentine coach. He thinks that his team will get the Russia World Cup 2018 as the hot favourite.

Argentina played last two Copa America final but due to bad luck in both times they were defeated against Chile. So, Copa America title remain untouched for Messi. Besides, Messi led his team to the final in last World Cup as well. But Germany defeated them in extra minutes of the game. Sampaoli really wanted that Messi would get a chance to play another chance and now he gets it. Without Lionel Messi, the World Cup competition would remain incomplete as he thought.

Without Messi, there would be no World Cup and everybody should keep that in mind. Sampaoli thinks that they are now very strong in mind and in upcoming matches, they will become dangerous like the last match.

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