Messi is in cycle of misfortune with goal bar

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Sunday, December 14th, 2014 | 0

In this season its as if Lionel Messi is stuck in the cycle of misfortune. In this season of La Liga, its not the opponent but the goal bar and goal post that are keeping the goals away from him.

Saturday on Getafe’s home ground in La Liga Barcelona had a draw against the home teams and they only managed one point from that match. The best player of Barcelona, Messi’s shot came back after hitting the goal bar.

on the 52nd minuet of the match, Messi took an amazing free kick from the outside d-box of the opponents. With his shot he managed to pass by Getafe’s goal keeper but the bar had another say in it as the shot his=t the goal bar and came back.

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but unfortunately this is not the first time this happened. The Argentine forward already faced the same problem 7 times before this time.

Within only 15 matches 8 of Messi;s shots hit the bar and he dint get the goal. If we don’t call it misfortune then what else is there to call it. Thanks to this misfortune Ronaldo has 12 more goals than Messi already in the season. Where he could have had 21 goals for himself and Barcelona most probably wouldn’t be in the 2nd position of the chart at the moment.

After Messi the 2nd player to hit the cross bar this season is Real Madrid’s Benzama who has found the bar post 4 times this season. Still, that’s only half as much as Messi.

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