Messi creates problems for his Teammates

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 | 0

Ivan Rakitic is in deep trouble. After all he is not a writer or poet. he cant write much anyway and he is not interested anyway. But still he is forced ti write almost everyday after every match. No he isn’t writing a story or something like that. He is not writing on a computer or in book either. But this writing is causing so much trouble. he can’t find anything new to write.

After scoring a hat-trick Lionel Messi keeps the ball of that match. Then he asks his team mates to write on that ball. It has become Barcelona unwritten tradition. Messi’s team mates are okay with writing but the problem lies somewhere different. Id someone scores 3 hat-tricks in 4 matches, then its natural for the team mates to find something new to write. So even Rakitic is in trouble with what to write  at the moment. After Sunday’s match the Croatian midfielder said – “I cant find anything new to write on Leo’s (Messi) hat-trick ball. i have to write the same thing again and again but i still do. he really is special. I also know, he will bring another ball very soon ask to write something new on that ball. i don’t know what i am going to write then.


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he also claimed that – “this years Ballon d’Or should be Messi’s. whatever he does is amazing. He is the best player of the moment and perhaps the greatest in history. We can only enjoythe way Messi plays. I think he will win the Ballon d’Or this season.”

It hasn’t been long since Rakitic came to Barcelona. if he is in this kind of trouble already then think about Gerard PK ! he has known Messi since his childhood. how many days has it been since he is doing this for Messi and talking about him. If Rakitic can’t find what to write then its scary to think what’s happening to Pk and others who knows him from long before.

perhaps that is the reason PK said – “There is no word created that can describe Messi. He gave us so much, so i will say again, there is no word that can describe what he did, does or will do.”

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