Messi created a new history

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Saturday, November 29th, 2014 | 0

After making the record of scoring the most goals at La Liga, only within 3 days, Messi made a new history. He surpassed Raul Gonzales’s record of the most goal scorer in UEFA Champions League while he got a magnificent Hat-Trick against APOEL.

On Tuesday night, on his way of the hat-trick he passed the Real Madrid and Schalke superstar Raul Gonzales with his first goal and became the sole highest scorer of the history of Champions League. He broke the 71 goal record and with his 1st goal that night, and became the top scorer but he didn’t stop there, he scored two more goals that night and took his goal count to 74. he made it clear that he will take the goal count in the Champions League out of anyone’s reach.

Lionel Messi 10

As Barcelona already made it to the next round, so all the lights were on Messi’s record in this night.

After Luis Suarez got his first Champions League goal in the jersey of Barcelona, it didn’t take Messi to create that record. On the 38th minute the cross from Rfinaha was nicely excecuted by Messi with his right foot and with that goal he surpassed raul to became the sole highest scorer in the league. Before the match, Messi had 71 goals and was in a tie position. The Argentine Captain became a legend with this goal. With it he took himself to new heights.

On 58th minute he scored his second goal and made sure of Barcelona’s easy win in this match. Dani Alves made a superb pass to Messi who was inside the box and Messi finished it with style with his right foot and the ball passed the goalkeeper taking him even further. But he didn’t stop there.

On 87th Minute he completed his hat-trick on the day of making a record. He also did a hat-trick when he made another record three nights ago. Pedro’s pass came from the right and again with a swift touch of his right foot, he scored. He was unmarked that time and he took full advantage of that. In 94 matches of Champions League this small magician has scored 74 times and he broke every record taking him in new heights.

On Saturday his hat-trick allowed him to break Zarara’s all time Spanish goal record as he has now 2 more goals that the legend and Messi’s goal count in the La liga is 253. He is undoubtedly one of the best players of the world at the moment.

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