Messi brings another win for Barcelona

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Friday, January 23rd, 2015 | 0

Once again Messi comes as the savior for Barcelona. On the last match of Barcelona, they defeated Atletico Madrid in Copa Del ray from the sole goal scored by Messi. Messi got the winning goal on the 85th minute of the match but the bad news for him is that the goal could have came 2 minutes earlier if he didn’t miss the penalty. His penalty shot was stopped by Atletico’s goalkeeper but he scored from the returned ball with amazing speed and quality. With his goal, Luis Enrique’s team has left their home field with confidence about their capabilities. When they goes to play the away match at Atletico’s home field they will have this win fresh in their mind.

Barcelona started the match with their usual playing squad. They were very offensive from the start of the match but Suarez wasn’t sharp this day and that cost a lot for Barcelona. Otherwise the difference could have been much greater. Atletico went against Barcelona with fast counter attack but they were also looking dull on their offensive side.


lionel_messi_vs_cristiano_ronaldo lionel_messi_barca_hat_trick


On the first half Suarez got the biggest chance of the match and got very close to the goal but he failed terribly. On the 2nd half Barcelona started getting ahead with more control over the ball and creating more chances. However they failed to score. On 83rd minute of the match due to a foul within the penalty area, Barcelona got a penalty. Messi took the penalty but as his bad luck would go, his shot was saved by the opponent’s goalkeeper but Atletico could not enjoy as Messi scored from the returning ball and got Barcelona the winning goal in this match.

Penalty kick’s aren’t going very well for Argentine Captain at the moment. He missed 4 of his last 7 penalties. Before the end of the match, one of Messi’s shoy nearly touched the goalpost. However as the final wistle blew, Barcelona left the field with a win.

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