Maradona was sleeping then

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Thursday, December 11th, 2014 | 0

think that you are an special guest on the president’s special party for some reason. As you are the specially invited guest, everyone is eying you and all the attention is focused on you. then the President said your name on his speech. Everyone looked at you at that time. What will you do at that time? Well whatever you will do, i doubt you will be sleeping then. But Argentine legend Diego Maradona was doing that

Venezuela’s president Nikolam Madura was giving his speechand at that time Diego maradona was sleeping on the bench. When the president took his name, he woke unaccustomed and waved his hand like he was drunk but apparently that was enough to appease the president and the other guests.



it was a special party celebrating the 190 year of a special war for Venezuela. Maradona was invited there as a special guest as he is football legend all over the world. maradona is known as the friend of this country for quite a while and that is why he was there.

On one part of the ceremony the president was giving a speech for the country and he called on the name of maradona. At that time Maradona was resting with his eyes closed and he was getting to sleep even in that commotion.

Maduro called his name and he stood up taking the greetings of other guests but the camera picked him up is a position with his eyes closed as if he is sleeping.

Maradona doesn’t care even if the president or the whole country is watching, he takes rest whenever he wants.

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