Manchester United record after 25 years

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Thursday, December 31st, 2015 | 0

there is no club in the world who doesn’t like to make new records and everyone wants to show these things off. However, everyone tends to forget that a record can be either good or bad and bad records are something that the team and players hate most than anything.

Manchester United is on the same shoes. They played so well against Chelsea in their home ground. Actually, after a long time people can not say that Manchester played bad. Even their worst enemy has to say that after a long time they played like they used to. that attacking speed and then hurrying for defense. Not only that, they created so many chances as well but failed. the near 70% of ball possession shows how dominant they were in the field.


sometimes the bar and sometimes the post stopped them. Also there were few occasion when the Chelsea goal keeper made some amazing saves and saved their team as well. Simply but, Manchester United was plain unlucky on that day despite playing so well.

Actually, Chelsea can say they also got the best shot in the whole game but failed. In the entire game, Chelsea ggot about 2/3 chances but it was Manchester’s goal keeper De Gea that made some super-human savings and saved the team. He made the tougher saves in this match if i had to say.

Now, about the record, which record could it be after playing this good and how can the record be bad, you ask?

Its the record of not getting a single win in their last 8 matches. The last time they had been in this bad state was 25 years ago and after 25 years they are in the same state. Not only that, they also only managed to get 2 points in these 8 matches which is the lowest if we take account of last 8 matches of every other Premier League teams.

We hope they can soon get back to winning and the new starts as new for them. 22994127cebc95d1aadc57346c8234f8-7

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