Manchester City wants Pep Gardiola as their new manager

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, November 30th, 2015 | 0

Manchester City’s current coach still have some time before his contract is dismissed and he is delivering the city fans with some very good results since last season but City is still failing. Many may ask the question how that is even possible if they are doing well and winning. The answer is very simple; they have nothing to show for their efforts. They may be playing good and got 2nd position last season but 2nd means 2nd in the end.

Pep Guardiola

Their performance in Capital One Cup and in Champions League has been so bad that they are struggling to make it past the qualifiers. Although their league performance is good and from time to time they have emerged as the top team but they failed to keep it. Last year they lost to Chelsea and the point gap was nearly 9 points. This year they started at the top but then lost that position to Arsenal who is playing really well in this season as well. On top of that, their Champions League performance is not that good. If a manager has nothing to show for his team then he should be deemed as a failure.

That is why, Manchester City wants Gardiola who is thought to be one of the best coaches of the world now. Gardiola won almost everything with Barcelona and managed to get all 3 major trophies available for a club in one year. With Bayern Munich, he has won every league so far b sure domination and got to the Semi-final of Champions league twice already. His achievements are there to show where he can tell that he hasn’t spent a year without any trophies. That is why, almost every club is eyeing him. However, Manchester City might have to wait since Bayern is reluctant to let Gardiola go.

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