Manchester City Moves 4th Round at Capital One Cup

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 | 0

Manuael Pelerine’s team won by 4-1 goals at Capital One Cup on Tuesday night. They defeats Sunderland on 3rd round match at Sunderland home. For Man City, Aguaro, Kevin de Bruin and Rahim Starling scored each. Another goals was own goals by Sunderland, the only goals scorer of Sunderland was Tevonen.

On 9th minutes of games, City find first goals at Stadium of Light. Patrick van Anholt made a serious tackle to Japanese Man City striker H Navas on D Box, and referee whistle for Penalty. Argentine striker Aguaro scored first goal for City from Penalty.

Manchester City Moves 4th Round at Capital One Cup

De Bruin makes the deference double on 25th minutes. Belgian midfielder scored second goals playing one two pass with R Starling.

On 33rd minutes goals host unlucky favor again, Starling’s short comes from post, but it was hit Sunderland goalkeeper Manon and go into net. After 3 minutes of their own goals, England striker Starling makes the score sheet 4-0. De bruin helps much to score this goals by Starling. On D Box, Bruin passed the ball to his national teammates nicely. And Starling make no mistake to make the score 4-0.

The match was finished after first half’s 4 goals and it can be a big defeats for host Sunderland. But after first half host defend them very well. They scored a goals on 83rd minutes as well. Teivan scored by head from Diandre Yeadin’s cross.

On the other match of Capital one cup Aston Villa defeats Birmingham by 1-0 goals, Stock City beats Full Ham and Hall City beats Swansea City by same deference. Everton beats Reading by 2-1 goals and Middlesboro beats Wolves by 3-0 goals.

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