Manchester City 2014-15 Premier League Fixtures List

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Manchester City 2014-15 Premier League Fixtures List

The 2014-15 Premier League defending champions Manchester City have had a hit and miss start to this season. Opening against Northern club Newcastle, the champions won an impressive 2-0 showing. Then Liverpool were next, and the Sky Blues handed the Mersey boys a 3-1 drumming. Their third game against Stoke was disappointing at best, as the underdogs beat Man City in a 1-0 upset. Check out the remaining Manchester City 2014-15 Premier League Fixtures List…

Great games coming up

01 November 2014: Manchester United at home

The Red Devils will travel to their rivals at the City of Manchester Stadium, for what is always exciting, and an often tense derby between the two top Manchester teams.

28 February 2015: Liverpool away

The Sky Blues will travel away to last season’s runners up Liverpool, in what will undoubtedly be a great game. The Reds were outplayed by Man City earlier this year, so look for some revenge play at Anfield.

24 May 2015: Southampton at home

The last games of the season are always either thrilling affairs, with teams jostling for European spots or even league wins. City will round off the season in 2015 at home to the always dangerous Saints.

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man city vs Stoke City Highlights

Manchester City 2014-15 Premier League Fixture List

13 Sep 2014   3pm   Arsenal (A)
20 Sep 2014   3pm   Chelsea (H)
27 Sep 2014   3pm   Hull City (A)
04 Oct 2014   3pm   Aston Villa (A)
18 Oct 2014   3pm   Tottenham Hotspur (H)
25 Oct 2014   3pm   West Ham United (A)
01 Nov 2014   3pm   Manchester United (H)
08 Nov 2014   3pm   Queens Park Rangers (A)
22 Nov 2014   3pm   Swansea City (H)
29 Nov 2014   3pm   Southampton (A)
03 Dec 2014   7:45pm   Sunderland (A)
06 Dec 2014   3pm   Everton (H)
13 Dec 2014   3pm   Leicester City (A)
20 Dec 2014   3pm   Crystal Palace (H)
26 Dec 2014   3pm   West Bromwich Albion (A)
28 Dec 2014   3pm   Burnley (H)
01 Jan 2015   3pm   Sunderland (H)
10 Jan 2015   3pm   Everton (A)
17 Jan 2015   3pm   Arsenal (H)
31 Jan 2015   3pm   Chelsea (A)
07 Feb 2015   3pm   Hull City (H)
11 Feb 2015   7:45pm   Stoke City (A)
21 Feb 2015   3pm   Newcastle United (H)
28 Feb 2015   3pm   Liverpool (A)
04 Mar 2015   7:45pm   Leicester City (H)
14 Mar 2015   3pm   Burnley (A)
21 Mar 2015   3pm   West Bromwich Albion (H)
04 Apr 2015   3pm   Crystal Palace (A)
11 Apr 2015   3pm   Manchester United (A)
18 Apr 2015   3pm   West Ham United (H)
25 Apr 2015   3pm   Aston Villa (H)
02 May 2015   3pm   Tottenham Hotspur (A)
09 May 2015   3pm   Queens Park Rangers (H)
16 May 2015   3pm   Swansea City (A)
24 May 2015   3pm   Southampton (H)


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