Man Utd started new year with victory

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Manchester United which is the most successful team in English Premier League and also the most popular football club in the World. They won the highest number of EPL title already but since few years, their performance is not very good. Though, in the ongoing season, they are in 2nd position on the EPL point table but still they are 15 points behind than the top tier of point table. So, they have just mere chance to win the title one more time this season. But, Man Utd started new year with victory and it seems that the new year is very lucky to them.

Man Utd started new year with victory

In the ongoing season of English Premier League, they faced three consecutive draw and after than they have finally seen a victory. At the first day of the new year, the team of Jose Mourinho defeated Everton and claimed the precious victory. In Monday night at the home venue of Everton, the most successful English club got victory by 2 – 0 goals. The both goals were scored by French Martial and English Lingard.

Before the match, the Red Devils have lost the points against Leicester City, Burnley and Southampton.

At Goodison Park Everton was playing defensively but at the first half, Man Utd got couple of chance but did not get the success. So, first half ended with 0 – 0 goals.

In 51st minutes of the game, if the luck was with them, the guest team could lead the match. But the shot of Mata stopped by the post. Just after six minutes, they got the most demanded goal. Just outside of the box, with high shot the ball went to the net and the scorer was French forward Martial.

In 81st minutes of the game, with an amazing goal the victory was secured by Lingard. With the ball he overtook a player and from outside the box, he escaped the goalkeeper and got his first goal in the match.

Through the victory, by playing 22 matches Manchester United achieved 47 points and jumped to the second position. With 62 points, manchester City is in top position on the point table. Chelsea demoted to the second position and their point is 45.

In the another match of the day, Liverpool defeated Burnley at their home ground and so, the Reds are in 4th position with 44 points. They also played 22 matches in the season. Tottenham Hotspur is in 5th position where Arsenal is in 6th position on the point table.

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