Magic word for Barcelona “THREE”

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015 | 0

what does the word THREE mean to you? probably nothing if you dont add something with it. Like 3 gifts, 3 movies, 3 clothes. For any normal people the word THREE is just so useles on its own. But say that word to any barcelona fan and their will be a smile on their face like no other.

the reason you ask? the reason is very big, i tell you. This year, Copa del Ray final. Barcelona wins it by 3-0. Then Champions League final. Opponent is Juventus who just beat Real and is known to have a powerful defense that can stop any team. Barcelona won it and once again by 3-0. and that made their treble of the season with La Liga won way before. making the three most major trophies in a season.


Now, what else can THREE mean. Oh, i forgot the biggest one. THREE means “MSN” or should i say Messi, Neymar and Suarez. These THREE has brought the real meaning of three to the Barcelona fans.

But Still something is missing that makes the word THREE. That word came to reality in the final of Club World Cup.

Final was against River Plate, the American champion. they are known to trouble the European Champions a lot. But its once again 3-0 and its once again Barcelona that gets the win. But wait that’s not the end. Barcelona is winning this for the third time and that is a record held by no other. Once again the word THREE making a record for them.

no wonder Barcelona fans gets happier than ever every time they hear the world Three. After all, THREE is no longer just a meaning less word for them. It means a lot.

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