Luis Enrique is happy with the team’s performance against Espanyol

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Thursday, January 7th, 2016 | 0

Barcelona coach Luis Enrique said that he is happy with the performance of his team and he knows there are still places to improve but his team has done a really good job against the match of Espanyol.
The unbeatable Barcelona slipped on the very first match of the year against Espanyol as they had a goalless draw in that match. However, this time that didn’t happen as the Spanish giants won the match by a huge 4-1 which could have been more like 8-1 if things went 100% accurate.
The anchor of the match was Iniesta as he once again showed why he is thought as a genius. He made crucial passé and led the team in the right direction. Still, the man under the spotlight even in this match was none other than Lionel Messi himself.

He scored 2 goals himself and was a part of the other two goals as well. He scored the equalizer of the match after falling behind by one goal and then extended the lead with his 2nd goal. Later, his pass was the source for the 3rd goal by PK and he played 1-2-1 to help neymar with the 4th goal of the team.
In the game itself, he got a couple chance of getting his hat-trick but was not successful and Neymar and Suarez got 2 chances each at the very least as well.
In the end, the scorecard could have been even bigger but by no means this was a small win. They showed their class, dominated the match and won the match in style.
After the match the coach praised Messi but also added that Iniesta was really looking beastly for the opponent in this match. He said that Iniesta is a magical player and he want to see him playing this always.
This was the first match that Vidal and Turan played in Barcelona’s jersey and they should be glad that the match ended with them dominating through and through.

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