Football’s Secret love in Number

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, March 7th, 2016 | 0

Secret love football in Number

Once in five minutes the football lover overwhelmed in daydream about their favorite football club. And one in every five of these think least once per hour about this game, according to a new study reports.

According to the study, an average of four hours per week, the British football lover spent for football news. To get the latest news, they spends 15 minutes at working hours via internet, according to the British tabloid The Mirror.

According to a research conducted on Bing search engine, approximately one-third of the football crazy people watched the game on their smartphone when a wedding ceremony. One-fifth of the state of any dinner party was going through their mobile phones, and one in every ten people in an intimate moment in bed with partner secretly searched scores.

This is not the end, every one of 20 people who cannot live a moment without football, at the time of their wedding or funeral has taken the news result of the game.

One quarter of the participants said they followed football news secretly. Privacy because of – partner may think Football is more important than of their relationship.

As per the survey, Liverpool Football Club fans ‘dedicated’ and Chelsea Club fan maintain greatest secrecy.

Why the secrecy? A Bing answered in football language. He said, “To live from red card in relation, this secret search for fans.”

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