Liverpool set to beat Manchester United in next EPL match

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Friday, October 13th, 2017 | 0

After a long international schedule, European league is going to start. Among some top league, Premier League is regarded as one of the most popular league which has also started new season couple of months ago. Like all the league, they are also in International schedule and hold their competition. At the starting, Liverpool which is one of the Big Four club has come to their schedule and their match against the most successful English club Manchester United. Now, Liverpool set to beat Manchester United in next EPL match but it would not so easy.

Liverpool set to beat Manchester United in next EPL match

Currently, Manchester United is in the second position on the EPL point table where they played total seven Premier League matches in this season like all the teams but faced no defeat but made a draw. The Red Devils and the Citizens have the same points but due to goal difference, Citizens are in the top and United is in the 2nd position so far.

But, Liverpool on the other hand won only three matches out of seven and lost also three matches. Their current ranking is 7th on point table.

However, both teams have the capability to beat any team in Premier League but considering their recent performance, the Red Devils are in far better condition and their players scored goals in every matches. In their last match, Fellaini scored two goals against Crystal Palace. Mata also scored one and Lukaku scored one goal so far. Besides, their top striker Zlatan also in the squad and their boss Mourinho did not field him in last match. He would appear against the Reds in upcoming matches. Besides, they also have Matic, Mkhitaryan, Jone and some other talented players in the squad.

On the other hand, the upcoming match between the Reds and the Red Devils are going to be hosted Anfield which is the home venue of Liverpool. So, generally they would be favoured in the match. Besides, under the charges of Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool is very strong in mind though they are passing goal drought but in any moment, they would come. And obviously they have number of talented players as well like Sadio Mane, Can, Milner, Brazilian Coutinho and some others like Oxlade Chamberlain.

Besides, if we analyse their head to head, we can see that they are almost same ranked team. They have totally played against each other 171 times where Liverpool won 56 matches and Manchester United won 68 matches. 47 matches were drawn. In their last three meeting, all matches were drawn consecutively. So, their upcoming match will be much exciting.

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