Lionel Messi hat-trick yet again

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 | 0

Lionel Messi gets another hat-trick at La Liga against Deportivo La Koruna. Some could say, that if his 2nd goal came from his right foot then it would have been one of the best hat-tricks of the world where the player fully showed how to score.

The first goal for him came from an amazing heading that he did and the 3rd goal came with a magnificent left footed shot. The 2nd goal came from a soft touch from his left foot. if that was touched by his right foot then he would have had a hat-trick where he scored one from heading and one goal each from both legs. it really would have been a hat-trick to remember for decades. However that didn’t happen but Lionel Messi did end up getting his 4th hat-trick this season.




Its almost like Lionel Messi has turned hat-trick into his daily routine. It was his 3rd hat-trick within a month and 4th in the season. It was his 22nd hat-trick in La Liga as well.

The field of Deportivo is like heaven for Leo Messi. He scored the most amount of goals outside of Camp Nou in Deportivo’s home field. However Messi could have gotten a 4th goal for sure but deportivo’s goal keeper made such an amazing goal that he himself will not be forgetting that.

The talk about Messi and Enrique is still a rumor but Barcelona coach didn;t forget to mention how awesome Messi is after the match. he said that Messi is keeping his own standard and slowly showing why he is simply the best.

However Barcelona is still in the 2nd place with one less point from Real Madrid. They defeated Atletico Madrid very recently in their home ground and they are continuing to play at their own pace.

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