Lionel Messi and the final of Club World Cup – bad memories

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, December 28th, 2015 | 0

Lionel Messi has always been questioned for his loyalty for his country. They always said that Messi doesnt give his all for the national team and he slacks off. But, i doubt there is one sensible person out there who will agree to that.

Barcelona just won the club world by 3-0 by defeating the Argentine giant River Plate. Messi did not only scored the first goal but also helped throughout the entire match. However, things didn’t go all that well for him after the match. Some Argentine supporters did not only make bad comments on him but also did some insupportable things like throwing saliva towards him. On one side i can see the reason why they are angry since a player of their own country beat them but what they did is simply bad by any standard. Even River Plate coach himself said that he hasn’t seen anyone more devoted to the country than Messi.


Was it his faukt that no Argentine club took him in? he tried even River Plate and they said his physical condition was not good enough and the cost is too high. It was Barcelona that took him in, treated him and allowed him to rule the world. So, is it his fault for playing for Barcelona?NO, i dont think so and nor should you.

Then, people saw Messi celebrating after the first goal against river Plate but why didnt they him asking for forgiveness looking at the River Plate supporters? why didnt they him saying sorry to the players after the match? its a game and he gave his best to win it for the team he plays in. its not his fault.

Those supporters didnt see the kindness and loyalty he has. The recent post is that he was wearing River Plate jersy while the assault on him took place.

People, cant you syill see, how great he is? cause if you cant then you are just blind.

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