USA World Cup 2014 Home Kit (Leaked) – Away Shirt Details

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United States soccer team qualified for the FIFA World Cup in flying colours and the will be part of group of death which includes matches against Germany, Portugal and Ghana. Surely this year World Cup Tv Ratings to reach all time high. Here is the initial details on new USA home and Away kit which will be released at the end of January or start of February.

USA WC 2014 Possible Away Kit

This a possible USA away kit, which has not been confirmed yet but doing the rounds on internet at the moment. Its more of a Captain America style jersey going away from USMNT kit history in the past.

The away kit will come in red as base colour while there will be red appliaction across the kit, and the away kit comes with folded sleeve cuffs. Both home and away kits will be released in early 2014.

United States 2014 World Cup Home Kit – Leaked

This is the new USA home kit to be used in the 2014 World Cup in brazil.

USA 2014 World CUp Home Kit

New USA 2014 World Cup Logo – Released

This is the new USA team logo to be used on the new Nike Kit 2014 World Cup for USA. Thew new logo replaces the golden boundry around old logo to blue while the red colour is a bit more brighter.

  • USA WC 2014 Home Track Top – Leaked

This is the new USA World Cup 2014 home track top which represent the new logo and has the same colour combination as official World Cup kit which is to be released in couple of weeks time.



In the meantime we also have the 2013 Official USA women and men’s soccer Jersey which is called CENTENNIAL Jersey and most probably Nike will continue this template for the FIFA World Cup. But it remain to be seen how things go about from here.

USA 2014 World Cup Jerseys desgins

USA men soccer jersey 2014 world cup


We would like to know what american soccer fans like about these kits ? what changed they would make to make it even better and more importantly assuming it end up as the official kit will you buy it ? let us know your thoughts and in the meantime we will look for more possible designs of USA jerseys 2014 World Cup.

We are less than a year away from FIFA World Cup 2014 and 5 teams have been confirmed for the next mega event in Brazil starting in June 2014 while there are a few teams who have one foot in the World Cup as they are home and dry in their qualification groups, one of those sides are USA who after playing six matches in their currently on top of their group with 13 points and will be very unlucky to miss out on the next years event and thats highly unlikely.

Blast From The Past Historic American Kits – Fan Arts

This possible kit design is a traditional USA home kit by Nike, in all white base colour while there is beautiful application of USA flag colours on shoulders and on sleev cuffs. while the flag design supports navy blue and red/white stripe colours which leads to sleeve cuffs, while there is text “dont tread on me” in the inner part of the collar which is round in navy blue colour. On the back of shirt there is DTOM snake just on top of the players number makes it a great kit for USA. [ But again its not official USA World Cup kit. Just a fan made design ]

USA 2014 World Cup JerseyUSA 2014 World Cup jersey away nike

NIKE USA 2014 World Cup Away Jersey Design:
The away Jersey design is in navy blue base colour while there is white and red colour application on away kit collar and sleeve cuffs. The sleeve cuffs are in white/red round stripe with the USA flag inspiration while the collar is round in white colour and there are eight faded colour stars in the front of the kit in different sizes making it a historic kit.

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  • ceruble

    The “America” on the jersey is stupid. As in North America?, Central America?, South America?….there’s more than one America. How about USA, as in, The United States of America. Really, get with the concept that this is World event.

    • billy

      The citizens are called Americans. Not United States Americans. It’s understood. Hth.

    • YEEZUS

      North America, south America are continents not countries. The only continent at the worlds cup is Australia. 🙂

    • Stu Owens

      America is short for the United States of America. Mexico is short for the United States of Mexico. Brasil is short for the Federative Republic of Brasil.

  • Eric Leigh

    Candy cane stripes on the away jersey and shorts? Really? We don’t need to be all Captain America or Apollo Creed looking! Keep it simple and keep the Centennial shield! And I am sure the America on the back is just a name placeholder.

    • Eric Leigh

      And no I wouldn’t buy these. I will buy the Centennial jersey

  • L parkinson

    Horrible. Lets find a classic design and keep it. Tradition is part of soccer. National team uniform should be instantly identifiable.

  • laanglr

    Nike already got it right. As a matter of fact, you already found pictures of the best designed kit in USMNT history! Don’t mess with a simply beautiful design.

    • Admin

      @ Laanglr

      Yeah man, the current kit is cool, this page i made for any leaked images of world kit usa kit and i will posting it soon as soon as its leaked online.

    • Eamonn Conlin

      Nothing wrong with the Centenial Jersey. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  • fifador

    Nike, please keep the Centennial crest for the 2014 WC jerseys. It is 100x better than the crest of old. Also, please keep the 2014 WC jerseys simple and elegant like the Centennial jersey.

  • kepha Gershom

    No matter what our team will be wearing, I will support them in full spirit. Its the World Cup, not The Catwalk, pretentious fans. i do however agree that the Centennial is a simple and identifiable logo, RED WHITE and BLUE any way you want, WE ARE THE OUTLAWS.

  • Brian

    I really do not care for the first design, which are the supposed leaked version. I have never been a fan of the collar and the plain blue is just boring. I would love to see a graduation of the Jersey’s we currently have. Maybe something with a flow that emulates our flag blowing in the wind…..

  • vikefan

    Nike. Got it right

  • Comt Truise

    I’m glad they changed the crest, but it’s really not much different. Most fans, including myself, want the centennial crest to stay — for good.

  • Dan

    Ugly Uniform. Can’t they just stay with one? Ugly with the caller!

  • Juatin

    The American Outlaws is a mainstream, commercialized organization. Cant wait until a support group that other countries fear is founded. Keep up the good work Nike USA USA

  • chopsaki

    How can we be respected by wearing this ugly kiddie league crest and kit?! We’ll look like fools (and worse IF we don’t make it out of the group stage). We should stick with the Centennial jersey which got us through qualifying – classic, sophisticated, and COOL.

  • Seth Teater

    I really hope they reconsider that crest. The centennial crest was so classic and awesome. This is a mild improvement to that terrible gold outlined monstrosity. Get rid of the clip art soccer ball. Everyone knows that stars and stripes means U.S.A. We don’t need the WordArt U.S. on there either…

    And if there is a collar on the World Cup jersey, someone needs to get fired. Huge strides have been made with soccer in the United States over the last decade. This is the best team we’ve ever brought to the world’s biggest stage. This is a chance be innovative and propell U.S Soccer as a brand! If we squander that opportunity and just copy England, my heart will break a little…

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