Keylor Navas is the best player of Concacaf

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Wednesday, December 24th, 2014 | 0

the best footballer award of Concacaf area has gone to Costa Rica’s goal keeper Keylor Navas. He got the reward of his amazing performance in the world cups. he is currently playing for Real Madrid.

Costa Rica went to the quarter-finals of Brazil world cup 2014. the 5 matches Navas played for his team in world cup, he didn’t allow any goals to be scored against him and he played a vital role in taking Costa Rica to the last 8 of that tournament.

Real Madrid took Navas in their club just after the world cup as his performance was really amazing.

The best coach of that area went to Costa Rica’s world cup coach Luis. It was the first time for Costa Rica to be on the last 8 of world cup.

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Costa Rica defeated two previous world cup champions Italy and Uruguay to earn a spot in the next round while on the next round they defeated previous euro champion Greece and thus advanced to the last 8 of the world cup.

They had a penalty shoot out with Netherlands in the last 8 and there they ended up loosing.

The best goal keeper of this area is USA’s goal keeper. While the goal score by Costa Rica against Italy by bryan Ruis was declared the best goal of this season.


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