Kaka is the most earning MSL player

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, May 21st, 2016 | 0

Brazilian mid-fielder Kaka is nearly at the end of his career but even at this age he hasn’t slowed down by 1 bit. When he was in AC Milan, he was next to perfect and had some great time with the club itself. However, when he came to Real Madrid, things weren’t that great for him and he had to fight against injuries every too often. Maybe that dragged him down from the near perfect player that he was.
However, after moving to USA, he has started to get back to usual self and his current club Orlando City is certainly paying him a huge sum of money every year for his plays on the field. Recently, they released the list the list of top 10 most earnings player in MLS (Major League Soccer) and KAKA is in the top position there.


1. Kaka – $7.1 million
2. Sebastian – $7.1 million
3. Bradly – $6.5 million
4. Zerard – $ 6.1 million
5. Lampard – $ 6 million
6. Pirlo – $ 5.9 million
7. Villa – $ 5.6 million
8. Ultidoor – $ 4.8 million
9. Dampsey – $ 4.6 million
10. Santos – $ 4.2 million

All the currency is in US dollar and its quite fascinating. We hope to see great things from these great players.

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