Juventus needs a draw to go to Nockout round of Champions League

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 | 0

Even though Juventus has kept the top position in their home league but they still haven’t confirmed their ticket in the next round of the Champions League. But if they can manage a draw in their match against Atletico Madrid then will be granted the ticket ti next round.

On Tuesday at GMT 19:45 Juventus will take on Atletico Madrid on Atletico’s home ground. In the same time on the other match of the group, Greece Champion Olympiakos will be playing against Malamo who has no chance of getting to the next round.

With 3 wins and 2 losses, Juventus is in the second position in the group. Atletico already gathered 12 points and their ticket to the knockout round have been confirmed. Atletico will be group Champion if they get a minimum of 1 point from this match.


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Olympiakos also has chances to go to the next round even thoug they have 6 points from their matches. But their equation is a bit more complicated than Juventus’s. To go to the next round, they have to defeat Malamo and they have to hope that Juventus gets beaten by Atletico Madrid. Only then they will have the chance to go the next round.

If both theirs and Juventus’s point is same then the team to win in face  to face match will go to the next round. In that case both teams have 1 win against each other and both has equal amount goals scored but Olympiakos scored more goals in the opponents field and thus they will be the one to go to the next round.

On first leg – Olympiakos won in their home field by 1-0 and on the 2nd leg Juventus won by 3-2 on their home field. So while Olympiakos scored 2 goals in the opponents field, Juventus have none. SO this is the only way for Olympiakos to go the next round.

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