I would be Fired if it was in Barcelona:Bayern – Guardiola

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Thursday, May 18th, 2017 | 0

Papa Guardiola, who has been very successful in coaching career, is going to finish the season without a title in the whole season. The Spanish coach said that he was dismissed if he was in Barcelona or Bayern Munich.

In the Premier League, it was a good start as well as for Guardiola. City won 10 matches consecutively under his leadership. Also, the club rose to the top of the league table. But after all, they lost all the trophies in one failure after another.

In 2008, Guardiola started his career as head coach in Barcelona’s main team. In the first season, he won ‘Treble’ with the Catalan club. In a four-year career at Camp Nou the Spanish coach won 14 title. And from 2013 to 2016, there were seven titles to win Bayern as coach.

Guardiola’s team is now fighting to take place in the Champions League from the top four of the league.

Guaradila said, “In my situation in the big club, I would have been dismissed. I was dropped. If it is Barcelona and Bayern, you will not win if you do not. Here I got a second chance and will try to do well in the coming season. ”


The club, which recruits Guaradilla, hopes for further success by removing Manuel Pellagrini, the three Premier League titles, including the Premier League. He himself knows it well.

“I have said many times, because of the expectations of me that I have done before. I tried to give my best to this club. Some coaches will have this pressure; So, I will have to face it. If I cannot go home. ”

46 years old manager is grateful to the club authorities for keeping him in the first season despite failing to meet his expectations.

“I came here to try to win this year, it was not possible.”

Manchester City is fourth in the league with 72 points in 36 matches. Liverpool in third place with a score of 73 points.

Arsenal are in fifth place in the 36th position with 69 points in 36 matches, to be in the Champions League.

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