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by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Thursday, January 7th, 2016 | 0

Zinedine Zidan and Pep Gardiola has a lot in common between them. Surprised? How that is possible you ask, well let me clarify then. Both of the players played for the club that they became coach of. Pep Gardiola played in Barcelona and Zidan played in Real Madrid. Then both of them started their coaching career as an assistant coach and then became the coach of the B team of Real Mdrid and Barcelona respectively. After that, both of them were promoted to be the main coach of the team.

An awful lot of similarities, if you ask me but do that mean both coaches will be as successful as well? Could it mean, what Zidan can do for Real Madrid is what Gardiola did for Barcelona. The same question was asked to Zidan in his first press conference as the team manager. And he said that he is not Gardiola nor is this team Barcelona.
He said that Gardiola is a great coach and at this moment probably the world’s one of the best if not the best but he and Gardiola is nothing alike. He wants to leave a mark of himself in the team not a mark of Gardiola. He said that, he wants the team to be more attacking and he also wants the team to be more coordinating and this will help the team overall.
He also said that he wants to win a lot of trophies with the team.

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