Tiote Offside Goal Video vs Manchester City 2014

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Sunday, January 12th, 2014 | 5

Newcastle United 0-2 Manchester City – Highlights
[ Match Results and Goals Video
08′ 0 – 1 Edin Dzeko
90′ 0 – 2 Alvaro Negredo

Tiote scored a wonderfull half volley goal with his left leg, but it was a cleared as offside and goal was disallowed, and that is where things got heated.

Here is picture of fifa rule regarding offside rule, the picture and the gif of the incident.

City needed all three points to go clear of the table on Sunday evening match where they took on Newcastle United at St James Park, in their own backyard and it turned out to be a great game of football which could have gone either way. City started with Edin Dzeko and the moved paid off when the scored in the first 8 minutes of the game to make it 1-0 for the away side but there was a huge drama after wards.

Here are a couple of gifs and pictures from the goal itself. Michael Owen claimed it was a goal, man expert believe it should have been a goal but there is another theory which support referee decision.

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  • Geff

    If I was goalkeeper I would feel these three players were Interfering with play and would be posistioning myself directly. They would be threat so would be interfering with play.

    • adam

      the point is tho the goal keepers vision was impaired by his own players as he was looking toward the ball Gouffran avoided interference with play as he relised it was a sweet strike and moved to avoid it the ref fucked up big time and should be deraqnked to the low leagues or even fired that whole game was one thing after another

  • Jason

    making a gesture or movement which, in the opinion of the referee, deceives or distracts an opponent — the opponent must be reasonably close to the play so that the blocking, deceiving or distracting makes a difference.

    • Nathan

      He was standing there after a corner kick that had occurred seconds before…are you seriously suggesting that a perfectly decent strike and goal should be disallowed because a player was apparrently distracting the goalkeeper by standing in the wrong place at the wrong time? There was no way Gouffran could anticipate that Tiote would take a shot…

  • Hobart

    PGMOL have decided who is winning the league this year and are only carrying through that decision.

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