Bayern Munich Vs Mainz 2 – 1 Highlights (German Bundesliga)

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Friday, December 19th, 2014 | 0

If was a prediction by our editor that though Mainz isn’t a team like to face Bayern Munich but cause of same style of footballer Mainz 05 have chance to stop Bayern Munich. Though Bayern Munich isn’t lost against them but it was a great chance for Mainz to get draw by 1 – 1. 90′ Goal by Dutch forward Arjen Rooben simply damage the dream of them and keep ahead Bayern Munich in spotlight.

Definitely, it was great match between Bayern Vs Mainz which drama started on 21′ by the goal of Elkin Soto which keep ahead Mainz 1 – 0. But the sensible goal by the Mid fielder Bastian Schweinsteiger make the score level with in next 3 minute. Still up to 89′ game was in hard contest where Bayern Munich forwards was aggressive and Mainz stopped all of the attempts by them.


Bayern Munich 2 – 1 Mainz 05 – Goals

21′ 0 – 1 Elkin Soto

24′ 1 – 1 Schweinseiger

90′ 2 – 1 Arjen Rooben

Watch Bayern Munich 2 – 1 Mainz crucial game of German Bundesliga on 20 December, 2014

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