Germany Beat Algeria In Extra Time To Reach QuarterFinals

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, June 30th, 2014 | 30

Germans are through to the next quarter finals after getting a hard fought 2-1 win in the extra time against Algeria and now they will be playing against France on Friday next week.

The sixth round of 16 tie will be between Germans and Algeria which will be played on Monday night 30 June 2014 at Estadio Beira stadium in Porto Alegre. The winner of this game will be playing against France or Nigeria in the quarter finals and here is a short preview of the match and live streaming links will be available 1 hour before kickoff which is at 17:00 Uk time.

Germany 2-1 Algeria – Full Match Highlights

Germany live stream 2014 world cupalgeria world cup live stream highlights

Germans played through yet another efficient group stages in the world cups, defeating Portugal 3-0, than played out a 2-2 draw against Ghana and finaly 1-0 win against USA ensured their passage to next round as group winners. Algeria on the other hand had to do it the hard way as their qualification chances were in balance going into the match against Russia and they needed atleast a point of this game which they did by coming from behind and equalising in 2nd half.

Short Match Preview and Team News:

Germans are likely to stick with the trusted 4-3-2-1 formation with Thomas mullar playing upfront, Mirslov Klose is expected to be on the bench but will play some part in the second half. Mario Gotze might be replaced with Podolski in the starting lineup.

Algeria on the other hand have achieved the target what they set before the world cup which was to reach atleast first knockout stage and now the pressure should be off as they have nothing to lose, which should help them perform better against Germans.

Expected Starting Lineups:

This is the not confirmed lineups but my predictions on how both teams might lineup, we will update the page with confirmed lineups once they are released 1 hour before kickoff.

Watch Germany vs Algeria Live Online:

Live streaming links for this match will be available 1 hour before kickoff, we will place stream with Itv coverage in english commentary and one alternative stream in german commentary.

Match Predictions:
Germans should win this game all day long on paper, but Algeria turned out to be quite a team. They have players with pace and power upfront who can cause problems to Per Mertsacker and Hummels at the back but if Germany bring their A game in this match they should have enough Arsenal to win the game easily.

No disrespect to Algeria but I am going with a easy German win in this one. What you think of this matchup ? can the surprising results keep coming ? or the favourites will finaly start to get the better of underdogs ?

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  • Victor_Creed

    No way Algeria wins this one. And I take you’ve given France’s opponent chance either? Lol

    “The winner of this game will be playing against France in the quarter finals”

    • noobu

      france will lose nigeria and ofc germany will defeat algeria

  • bigH

    “No way Algeria wins this one.” they said so, in 1982…What about an all african quarter final, euh?!

  • souad

    Algeria will do it and beat them as it did before in 1982 ,,,,,,they will teach them severe lesson .

  • Ikhlas

    I’m praying for Algeria <3 <3

  • Faruk Ahmad

    hi me dear friend

  • MyriamB

    We hope the best for our beautiful team, proud of they’ve achieved so far #teamDZ #GoAlgeria #GERALG

  • Andrew

    Germany beat Portugal 4-0 not 3-0!

  • loulou

    not working!!!! who won this freaking game!!??

  • MohtashiM

    In sha ALLAH Algeria will definetely win this match ………..

    • TED

      Algeria is losing 0-1 right now.

    • Rukoh

      couscous team lost 2-1 …

      • Mimy

        Couscous people are proud than ever of their couscous team. At least we have something and a looot of things which define us as a team, or a country.
        See ya ‘anonymous’

    • kiwi93

      yeah, nah! Apparently Allah isn’t a football fan.

      • Mimy

        Go to hell.

        • kiwi93

          After you!

  • moscow greetings

    algeria will loose 1:5

  • Green laser, green scum

    The most boring time in history (Spain) – Out.
    The handball and biting team (Uruguay) – Out.
    The most over rated team, always (UK) – Out.
    Great development!

    Now just hope that teams of Oscar Award actors (Neymar/Brazil and Robben/Dopeland) gets the boot and even more so Algeria.
    When fans use green lasers to disturb and potentially damage an innocent’s vision for life the team and nation deserves to get kicked out of the tournament even without a match.
    Go Germany, go all other nations!

  • loulou

    when will the links be available?? the game starts in half an hour!!

  • marcor

    Thanks guys for let us to watch this for free. In Mexico there’s no possible because the broadcast monopoly don’t allow to watch anything without pay. Thanks again.

  • Vtr Titoz

    so what do you think german you still gona win ????

    • Rukoh

      well we won so whet do YOU think ? :p

  • Green laser, green scum

    Germany wasn’t that good tonight, but Algeria was downright awful. They deserve to be out and as far as their fans go they have once again proven they have no sense of sportsmanship. Whistling and booing all the way through as soon as the opponent team has the ball. Go home.

    • America m

      You’re a racists! Go yo hell whoever you are! Loser!

    • Mimy

      You can say whatever you wan, you’re a hater.. It’s not the Algerian team’s fault, if all supporters were there and they fullfilled the stadium 🙂 And so, they have the right to do whatever that comes on their minds.

      You should think before you speak! I don’t from where you are, but your team won’t go far:

      • Green laser, green scum

        No, they don’t have the right to “do whatever that comes to their minds” because green lasers are extremely dangerous and can cause permanent eye damage. That’s also the reason why they are forbidden in many countries and the use is criminalized.
        The sole fact that you defend this behaviour says all anyone needs to know about what kind of a person you are.
        It’s also interesting that you call me a hater, when YOU are the one lashing out calling people names and asking them to go to hell.
        I love football and fair play, but I don’t like hooliganism and people destroying the good atmosphere which should be present in the World Cup.

  • Eric the red

    Severe lesson? In the end it was too little too late. Why are you people so radical? Enjoy the game.

  • bambang


  • kiwi93

    Well done Germany. It wasn’t their best performance though. I expected more from the Germans.

  • Beni Muhaemin

    haha., Germany winner, next France waiting

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