Gardiola is going to England

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 | 0

Pep Gardiola’s time with the German kings is coming to an end. Not only Bayern Munich but also Pep Gardiola himself confirmed that he has no intention of renewing the contract with them. thus its eminent that Pep Gardiola will be moving to another club very soon.

While, in the time with German club, he has been literary untouchable by the other teams in their own league but they haven’t been able to win the Champions League. However, they did reach the semi-final of the campaign twice in a row and even in this year, they are looking quite good again in this season. This will be the last chance he gets to win the Champions League with bayern and we all know that he will give everything to get that.


However, the big question is, where is Gardiola headed to? He said that he wants to be a coach in Premier lleague now and visit England. he basically conquered 2 countries already and now is heading for the English domain. However, this time it will be a lot harder for him to dominate the premier league because there is way too much competition here. But, this is the after talk. Which club is taking him in is the biggest question.

There is reported interest from Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea. Later it came out that the two main contender to take him in will be Manchester United and their City rival. In the end, the rumor is that City is gonna propose such a big deal that will surpass the salaries of their players and it will be the new world record fee for a coach. If that is the case then we know where he is going and we hope the best for him.

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