Gardiola going to Manchester City next season

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, February 1st, 2016 | 0

Pep Gardiola is undoubtedly one of the world’s best coaches at this very moment. The moment he became the coach of Barcelona, he created history. After that, he went to Bayern Munich and Bayern became an unbeatable team in Bundesliga. Not only that they also played in 2 back to back semi-final of Champions League where teams like Manchester United or City doesn’t even get past quarterfinal.
He already declared that this is last season with the German giants and he also said that he is keen to move to England. Could it be that after conquering Spain and Germany, he is now ready to get England. After all, he is probably thinking about getting all the major Europe trophies by his name. While, this was confirmed that Gardiola is going to England but which team will be taking him in was a big question.

Manchester City was of course the biggest candidate but the names of Chelsea and Manchester United was also floating around the air. Specially, Chelsea’s name considering their very bad performance this year.
However, its been confirmed that its really Manchester City that will be taking this coach in. They have published this news trough a tweet at their official website that Gardiola will be taking charge of the team on 1st July this year and their current coach is really happy about this decision. They said that, pellegrini is no focused on the league trophy and helping the team develop and has no bad feelings towards this move.
It’s time to see, what magician Gardiola can do to Manchester City. After all, he is already been considered as the best coach of all time by some and he needs to prove it in English Premier League which is thought to be the most competitive league in the world.

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