Fon Gal taught Rodgers Football !!

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Sunday, December 14th, 2014 | 0

the last world cup was amazing. In almost everyone’s eye, the best tactician in the world cup was Louis Fon Gaal and his magnificent tactics earned the praise of many people. Keeping that in mind, Manchester United brought the Dutch coach in their club. However the result was devastating. After first 3 matches United was barely hanging on. More accurately they were looking dim and their performance was not up to their usual level.

Liverpool coach Rogers said mockingly to Fon Gal that, forget about past achievements. this is English Premier League. All tactics despair here just by a moment. Well, Rodger’s words became the reality for Fon Gal at the beginning of the season but however it has started to change.

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Yesterday on the first meeting of Liverpool and Manchester United, Fon Gal’s side literary crushed Rodger’s side today. Manchester United won this match by 3-0.

“Red Devil’s” first goal came early in the match. on the 12th minute of the match Wayne Rooney scored for them and the pass came from valencia.

On 40th minute of the match, Robin Fon Persie’s flick gound huan Mata’s head and that came as the second goal for Manchester United.

The last goal came from the combination of Mata and Persie. mata got the ball by a mistake from the opponent defender and he passed the ball to Persie and the Dutchman made an excellent finish to that which brought the 3rd goal for United.

the worse player in this match is Balotelli. This Italian striker is yet to score. Liverpool’s attack was stopped by United’s goalkeeper who made some amazing saves.

With 31 points from 16 matches United is in 3rd position in the league where in the same amount of matches Manchester City has 36 points and Chelsea has 39 points.

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