Flying Angel di Maria

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, December 21st, 2015 | 0

He left Real Madrid at 2014 after Winning Champions League. And Manchester United bought di Maria on that season after building British transfer record. But he did no stay in England more than one season. He left Manchester United because of tactics of van Gall and insecurity threat. Currently this Argentine winger playing at Paris Sent Garmin.  Di Maria changed the club, but who are the most benefited.

Real Madrid and Manchester United have nothing to do currently. Both team are not on their best form but di Maria brake record with PSG one after one. This season PSG did not lost any game after finished first half of the season. They have also 51 points in this run which is the most points in a season’s first half. And angle de Maria is the leader of making PSG the best.

On that time’s Real Coach Carlo Ancelotti and the football star Cristiano Ronaldo was disagree to sell di Maria. Yes! Real precedent Peerage sell di Maria. The reason were shown, his rising wages demand.  But on that time di Maria’s salary was 95 thousand pound. After selling di Maria Real Bought Jams Rodrigues and his wages fixed at 1.2 billion pound.

James do not play badly but his can’t fill the class of di Maria’s. They fill a player who can cover whole ground and make a link with defense and attack. And then at United Maria did not cop with the tactics of van Gall’s and after one season he transfer to PSG. And that’s why Manchester United supporters also called him self-fish.

In this season’s last 7 match di Maria assist in 10 goals and scored 4 by his own. And overall of this season so far he had 14 goals scored by himself and total assist is 11 for PSG after 26 matches.

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