FIFA World Cup 2014 Seeding System Explained

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, October 21st, 2013 | 3

All the qualifiers around the world for FIFA World Cup 2014 are over and we have 21 qualified teams for the World Cup already while 11 more will be joining after the playoff stages. Today we try to explain the complex system of FIFA Seeding which will be user to decide the group stages of FIFA World Cup. There will be 8 groups in the 2014 World Cup of 4 teams each.


Brazil live streamingBrazil South America 11  Yes
Spain 2014 World CUp LogoSpain  Europe 1  Yes
German World Cup 2014 LogoGermany  Europe 2  Yes
Watch Argentina matches liveArgentina  South America 3  Yes
ColombiaColombia South America 4  Yes
BelgiumBelgium  Europe 5  Yes
Switzerland flagSwitzerland  Europe 7  Yes
Holland Live StreamingHolland  Europe 8  if Uruguay dont Qualify
Italy Logo 2014 World CupItaly  Europe 9
England live streaming onlineEngland  Europe 10
ChileChile  South America 12
USA logo 2014 World CupUnited States  North America 13
BosniaBosnia and Herzegovina  Europe 16
russia football logoRussia  Europe 19
ecuadorEcuador  South America 22
costa rica world cup 2014Costa Rica  North America 31
hondurasHonduras  North America 34
Japan Logo 2014 FIFA World CUpJapan  Asia 44
iran world cup 2014Iran  Asia 49
South Korea Logo 2014 World CupSouth Korea  Asia 56
Australian 2014 World Cup logoAustralia  Asia 57


FIFA Seeding System Explained:

FIFA will be using the official FIFA Rankings October 2013 which was released after the qualifiers to rank the team and get the 8 seeded teams. Which are now confirmed. Only Uruguay who are in the World Cup qualifier playoff can make way into the top seed if they can qualify, if they dont it will be Holland.

Eight seeded teams will be placed in the Pot 1 while all the other 24 teams will be placed in pots 2,3 and 4 on the bases of regions they are from.

Pot 2 will have teams from Asia, Ociana, North America

Pot 3 will have teams from Africa and non seeded south american sides.

Pot 4 will have a teams from europe (non seeded)

Max two teams from europe can be in 1 group, while max 1 team from all the other continents.

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  • Ed

    Very good explanation. I have one question though…

    I am booking my trip to Brazil for the world cup but realised that if European non-seeds are put into pot 4 as per previous world cup that these teams will not play a group game in Rio and only 1 out of 8 european non-seeds will play in Sao Paulo (once) meaning that all the european non-seeds will play group games outside the major cities.

    Has there been any confirmation that Pot 4 will be the pot chosen to place the european non-seeds or is there still a chance they can be in pot 2 or 3 because it doesnt really make a difference which pot they are put in but makes a big difference in where they play because pots 2 and 3 have games in Rio and Sao Paulo.


  • Viduka

    @Ed I agree. Other sites have Australia in co in Pot 4. Pot 4 is a nightmare for travel pans. Here is hoping the Sth American/African pool get Pot 4

    • Gio Lozano

      It doesn’t matter , the have a pot of 2-4 and we don’t know when you play the top seed till the draw.

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