FIFA Under 17 World cup 2015 – Live stream

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The 5th edition of u-17 world cup of football is goes to kick off in Chile at 17th October. 24 team are attending of its 5th edition after rename on 2007. On 1985 u-17 world cup was first hold on China as FIFA U-16 World Championship and Nigeria won this first title. And then this tournament renamed itself as FIFA U-17 World Championship on 1991, where Italy was host the tournament and Ghana was the title winner.

FIFA Under 17 world cup

And after 2005 U-17 world championship it against renamed as U17 world cup at 2007 Korea republic U17 major tournament. And this time also won by Nigeria, which was their 3rd title and they are also the most title winner so far. And the defending champion of this U17 world cup at Chile as well.

2nd most 3 times champion was Brazil. On last tile at 2003 won their 3rd and last title. Another football historic nation Argentina so far have no final on that tournament. But they have 5 Semifinals. Also played last world cup’s on UAE.

As like most title winner Nigeria also played 7 times finals and 3 times in last 4 appearances. Second most Brazil are 5 times finalist and 2 times runner ups. Ghana, Mexico won U17 for twice. Soviet Union, UAE, France and Switzerland have one time title each time. Mexico’s last title comes on 2011.

This year in 8 different Venue of Chile, U17 world cup will kick off. And at 18th October, Chile will become the 3rd only country from Latin America as host U 17 world cup. First time it was China and 2013 host was UAE. So far no one have double time hosting record of U-17 world cup.

The venue are following below:

  1. Estadio La Portada
  2. Estadio Municipal Francisco Sanchez Rumoroso
  3. Estadio Sausalito
  4. Estadio Nacional Julio Martinez Pradanos
  5. Estadio Fiscal de Talca
  6. Estadio Municipal de Chillan Nelson Oyarzun Arenas
  7. Estadio Municipal de Concepcion
  8. Estadio Regional de Chinquihue

24 team are participating this year. All will play after 6 different groups and each time will play 3 games all on the group stage. The winner and runner-up will play the second round which means Knock Out stage. And the best for of 3rd place will move into the knockout stage.

Most 6 teams are playing from UEFA zone and 5 times including host Chile playing from CONMBOL and other 4 each are playing from CONCACAF, CAF and AFC confederation. And there have a participation from OFC, are New Zealand.

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