FIFA New Ranking – July 2016

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FIFA Ranking – July 2016

After two big tournament of football Argentina holds FIFA world rankings 1st position. European champion’s runner-up France has shown surprise in the FIFA Ranking. They jump up 10 places.

Copa America and the European Championship (Euro) make a bug impact of massive changes in FIFA ranking. Italy have taken place at the top ten, as well as France. Uruguay and Austria out from Top 10. . A total of 228 matches’ consideration, soccer’s governing body has been released this new ranking. OFC (Oceania Football Confederation) Nations Cup Champions in New Zealand jump most 43 places and they are ranked at 93.

However, top five remain unchanged. Though Argentina loss the chance to win the Copa America title for the second consecutive time to Chili, but they still holding the top place of FIFA ranking with 1585 rating points. Chili stile on 5th. France are on4th though they defeats on semifinal to France. Belgium and Colombia are 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Portugal win EURO Championship and for the first time of their history. And currently on 6th with 2 steps forward. France on 7th . Former EURO and world cup champion are on 8th and 9th respectively. Five teams rating points respectively 1266, 1189, 1165, 1156, and 1155.

Uruguay and Austria lost their top ten places. EURO semifinalist Wales are on 11th place and they flowered 15 steps.

Other teams in Europe and England (13th, -2), Croatia (15, +12), Poland (16, +11), Switzerland (18, -3), Hungary (19, +1), Iceland (22, 12 ), the Netherlands (26, -12), Russia (38, -9), and Sweden have slipped to 40th in five steps backward.

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