FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 Predictions

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Friday, May 10th, 2013 | 11


FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 is turning out to be one great event to look forward too, we have some big names in the competitions with the likes of Brazil, Italy, Spain, Uruguay and teams like Mexico and Japan who can prove to be tough nut to crack. In 2009 USA surprised everyone by making it to the finals of the confederations Cup and this time around we can expect something like that from either Mexico or Asian giants Japan.

So What you think, who is going to win the Confederations Cup, favorites have to be Spain and Brazil but Italy in any event can be a force and they can make their way into the final and they will be hard to beat, While Brazil have good players in every position but they are not the Brazilian side who is full of superstars like they are known in the past. You can watch Confederations Cup Live Stream Free online HERE

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Brazil:  – Host Country

Brazil have one big player in Naymar, who will go into the event with alot of hype but he have not lived up to it in the last couple of years, this is his chance to finaly take the limelight before the big world cup, but apart from him they have several good players in the midfield but not Ronaldinho’s Kaka’s or Ronaldo’s just good players as simple as that. They are playing at home which will give them an edge over other teams and I am tipping them to go all the way and win the event.

Uruguay  – Copa America Winners

They have been a force in the major events in the last 4-5 years, semifinalists of FIFA World Cup 2010, won the Copa America last year nad consistantly playing on top of their game with the great players in the squad, I can see them making it to the finals.

Spain – European & World Champions

They are coming into this event on the back of a winning two European Cups and the World Cup 2010 and have been the best team of the last decade. But in the recent year or two they have lost their invincibility, Xavi and Iniesta are their main stay in the midfield but they are not having the best of times in the last year and that is why I can not see them winning Confederations Cup.

Italy – Euro Cup Runnerups

Does not matter how good they are year and year out, as soon as they start the major event they up their game significantly and always hard to beat and with two young strikers upfront they have youth in their ranks with Mario Balotelli and Stephen El Shewarey. I can see them making it to the Semifinals and if they can avoid Spain and Brazil they can make it to the finals.

Mexico – Gold Cup Winners

Now comes the second string teams, with Mexico who always have potential but when it comes to major FIFA event they fade away and that always have been the theme with them. Javier Hernandez is their star player but he needs good midfield service to score goals.

Japan  – Asian Champions
Asian Power house, they can finaly show up in the major event, i really think so, and they can do what USA did 4 years ago by making it to the finals. They have a solid squad and they are scrappy bunch of players who are not the favorites but can kncok out any big team on their day.

Nigeria – African Champions

Well they won the African Cup of nations and that will give them 3 games at Confederations Cup and thats about it. They are a young teams and I dont expect too much from them.

Tahiti – Oceania Champions

Who ? well they are from Oceania group and will feel privileged to come up against the likes of Spain etc.

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  • Brendan

    for me it looks like Brazil will nail it, spain are no longer the team they use to be.

  • Hispana Power

    SPain and Italy final. brazsil are overrated like naymar

  • John Je

    i am very dispointed with this article, why you underestimate nigerai so much ?? they will surprise you this time

  • arturo

    Remember Mexico won the Olympic gold medal against Brazil. And also won the confederations cup against brazil in 1999. Mexico can make it to the finals.

  • dav

    obviously Mexico will win

  • Andres

    If the likes of Juan Mata, David Silva, Jordi Alba, Busquets, Adrian & De Gea are the future of Spain… How can you possibly think that combining & blending them with the current squad won’t result in trophies. Spain are bound to win again, if not the World Cup, then the following Euros.

  • Donald

    In the world of sports anything could happen.though we ve big names in football like spain,Brazil,Italy etc anything could still happen…..who could ever expect Dortmund to humiliate Barca both home and away…this shows that anything could happen in the world of sports…I sure know that if Nigeria survives d group stage then obviously they would get to the finals…i sure know alot of surprises would happen in the confederation cos some of those big names may not even cross the group stage…

  • confed cup 2013

    I think its not a big event like euro 2012. But it seems to be interesting because of Brazil, Spain, and Italy.. Spain is all time favorite for this cup as they already have Euro 2012, and FIFA 2010 World Cup title.

  • John

    I’m think this article is just shit Nigeria they can be the champions.

  • Andrew

    I think it will probably be a fairly standard semi final set up with Brazil Italy Spain and Uraguay…
    Nigeria can play some football but are without the depth and experience of the “big four” of the tournament…
    Also, Mexico lost to Italy and have given themselves a big task now…
    I predict an Italy Spain final with an Italy win as they need to silence any critics from last year and Spain are not at full strength just now with their club game rocked by a phenomenal German performance in Dortmund and Bayern

  • phils

    here Nigeria’s been underrated you don’t underrate any team that make it to the con federation’s cup. where do you come from???

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