FIFA Ballon d’Or is bad for players

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Saturday, November 29th, 2014 | 0

Its said that there is politics going on with Ballon d’Or and Cristiano Ronaldo is getting the advantage of that politics. Even someone said that – everyone envies Cristiano Ronaldo and that is the only reason Messi has 4 Ballon d’Or by his name while Ronaldo has only 2 while Messi isn’t half as good as Ronaldo. On the other side, “Ballon d’Or should go to a German player”, this statement has made Real Madrid stand face to face with UEFA chairman Mishel Platini. In last year Ronaldo and Sep Blatter nearly was caught in a nasty situation.

FIFA ballon d'or

Its as if Ballon d’Or reward is creating way too much debating as time is passing by. In this time, Hose Mourinho said that Ballon d’Or reward is not good for the players. And it’s only bringing bad results. Ballon d’Or is a footballer’s personal gain but football is a team play. Giving someone from the team a very prestigious reward lowers the other players’ morale and creates a bad atmosphere in the team.

Chelsea coach said – “Ballon d’Or is not good for players. This is the reason I don’t care about this award. Sometimes when seeing this it seems we are looking for stars, we are looking for individuals who are more important in the team than the others. I don’t want this type of culture being created in Chelsea.”

Two Chelsea players are in the short list to get FIFA Ballon d’Or and they are Eden Hazard and Ses Fabrigas. After winning the treble with Inter Milan Mourinho won the best Coach award in 2010. But Mourinho thinks his two players aren’t very much worried about this reward. He said – “I don’t think Fabrigus-Hazard is worried about this award. They only think about the team, playing well and how to get the team to win.”

On this part there is a little rumor that Chelsea is trying very hard to get Lionel Messi in their team. Mourinho said this rumor is not even true and they aren’t interested in any new members at the moment.

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