Everyone wants to see magic from Messi

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Sunday, December 21st, 2014 | 0

If you are a regular viewer of Barcelona’s match then you must have noticed it already. Whenever Barcelona is in dire situation in the match, or they are behind in goals against the enemy or they are about to draw then most of the passes tried to find Messi and even all the viewers and supporters pray for Lionel Messi magic. They want Messi to make something magical happen and take Barcelona out of the danger. Perhaps because he has done this many and many times, makes everyone expect so much from the little magician. Not only the supporters but also Messi’s Barcelona team-mates wants that. whenever they feel that they are in Danger they keep giving the ball towards Messi in hopes of getting a magical result from there.

After being Barcelona’s coach for over a year, Martino came to this conclusion that Barcelona is very much dependant on Messi. Even after getting star and talented players like Neymar and Luis Suarez, Barcelona’s dependance on Messi hasn’t decreased. In some times it seemed like that tendency has increased rather than decreased.




Martino sid in an interview – “He (Messi) always have to take an extra responsibility that no one else has to bear. Everyone looks at him for something magical to happen and they think he will somehow end up saving the day. I am not seeing much possibility of this situation to change any time soon. because he is ‘Messi’ everyone thinks that he can do everything.”

If a team like Barcelona who have famous players all over is in this kind of situation then Argentina team must be in worst situation than that. But its a wonder what he can for Argentina. His performance alone might get them the title of World Champions that they barely missed this year. Martino thinks that this decision is all on him.”

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