Adidas UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifiers Match Ball Released

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 | 0

Adidas has released the all new “match ball” to be used in the official UEFA European Championship 2016 qualifers games starting from september this year. Today Adidas unveiled the new ball and it will be available in the sports shops near you pretty soon. So how the ball looks like ?

New Adidas UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifiers Match Ball: Released

The ball comes in pretty simple and neat design which is mostly white and we have a red/black design across the ball. We also get a slogan logo from adidas on the ball featuring a shirt inside a heart shape design plus text “European Qualifiers”

UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifiers match ball

This new adidas ball uses the same technology as the official ball used in FIFA World Cup 2014 called Barzuca. The ball is designed in the Adidas headquarters in germany but just like World Cup match balls, Pakistan company “forward Sports” will be producing bulk orders of the ball.

Adidas will will surely release a all new dedicated european championship 2016 match ball towards the end of next years (2015) and it might be possible that the design of the official UEFA Euro match ball leaked online before and that we will post pictures and details if that happens.

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