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by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, May 22nd, 2017 | 0

Atletico Madrid can try to register the club in England. Diego Simeone’s team is third in La Liga this season. The prize is getting 116 million euros. But looking forward at England, they will be upset. The bottom team of the English Premier League’s income is more than Atletico!

Sunderland has earned 24 points from 38 matches in the Premier League. They are going to lose the position of English Premier League, as a result of such poor performances they are relegated to England Football’s 2nd division “The Championship”. But the team has been getting heavy earning. Sunderland has got full advantage of the Premier League’s new TV rights. The club has earned 99.9 million pounds after the 20th in the league! Being 20th in the league they got 1.9 million pounds. . Their most of the matches are not shown on the TV, there is some little lower earnings -13. 6 million pounds. But Sunderland has got the privilege of distributing TV rights. The Premier League authorities have arranged for 84.4 million pounds without having to pay for the club’s history, size or league status. And in this, England’s mid-to-low ranking teams are swollen.

Arrangements have been made to provide equal payments from the Spanish league this season. But that score is much lower, at least 50 million euros than the English league. Apart from the club’s advantages, considering the size of the stadium, clubs like Barça and Real Madrid are provided with the benefits of the budget. As a result, these two clubs receive 60 million euros, while Atletico is given 30 million euros! A total of nine million in the small club like Osasuna!

But this does not mean that Real or Barça is too much ahead of Atletico. The two clubs which have ruled Europe for the past decade have been making money from the league, less than Everton in the English league 7th place holder this season!

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