Ecuador 23 Man team squad for Copa America 2015 Chile

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Ecuador was once thought as one of the best teams of the world but slowly their presence from the world is decreasing. At the moment they rank far below the top team sin this grand event. But they have some capable players who can do amazing things for the team. Here we have the name of the players who made the cut to be in the squad for this season’s Copa America.

Here is the squad that they have given to Copa America officials and the media. Hope you find your favorite player here –

Ecuador 23 Man team squad for Copa America 2015 Chile

Position Player Name
Goalkeepers Alexander Dominguez
Goalkeepers Esteban Dreer
Goalkeepers Librado Azcona
Goalkeepers Maximo Banguera
Defenders Oscar Bagui
Defenders Frickson Erazo
Defenders Gabriel Achilier
Defenders Juan Carlos Paredes
Defenders Mario Pineida
Defenders Arturo Mina
Defenders Robert Arboleda
Defenders Walter Ayovi
Defenders John Narvaez
Defenders Luis Romero
Midfielders Christian Noboa
Midfielders Antonio Valencia
Midfielders Renato Ibarra
Midfielders Pedro Quinonez
Midfielders Osbaldo Lastra
Midfielders Fidel Martinez
Midfielders Jonathan Gonzalez
Midfielders Michael Arroyo
Midfielders Juan Cazares
Midfielders Pedro Larrea
Midfielders Fernando Hidalgo
Forwards Miller Bolanos
Forwards Enner Valencia
Forwards Jefferson Montero
Forwards Angel Mena
Forwards Jaimen Ayovi


Key players –

Jefferson can be a key player for them on their offense and with miller supporting him, they could break through any tough defense and get a goal for the team. Players like Fidel, Pedro and such will be given the important task of controlling the mid-field. They are capable players but they will be up against some big names and they will have a lot riding on their soldier. Juan and Maria will be defending and they should be very cautious because their opponents will be likes of Messi and Neymar.

Ecuador might not have the best team or big names but they have a balanced team and that accounts for a lot. Let’s wait and see how they plays on the field and how is their performance.

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