Dutch Can ruled out of The World Cup

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, June 11th, 2017 | 0

In the last few matches, the Netherlands has meant frustration and loss of friendship. The question was once the golden soccer empire ended? What will be the Duchess of the World Cup next year Russia?

The return to temporary relief under the new coach of the Netherlands camp They have lost Luxembourg 5-0 in the 2016 World Cup qualifying round match. Aryan Robben, Wesley Snyder, Visaladam, Proms and Yansen scored one goal each for the team. Netherlands win three points to win big This was their first match under the new manager Dick Edwards.

Again, again playing 131 matches, Snyder made the record for the most number of matches in the history of the Netherlands. Broke Edwin van der Ferrar record.

To play a record number of matches for the country, Schneider said, “It’s great to record the record of most matches for the Netherlands.” I played 131 matches for the country. Never forget this day. ‘

After the worst results in the last few matches, the Netherlands finally won the match. However, it is still in danger. Duchess are at number three on their group table in the selection phase. Down three points below Sweden and France.

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