Copa America or EURO 2016?

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, June 25th, 2016 | 0

Copa America and EURO championship is continuing at the same time. However, which one is more popular. EURO or Copa America?

Normally in open eye, EURO is much popular then Copa America. It is also known as World Cup without Brazil-Argentina. That means if EURO has this 2 powerhouse of Latin America it can recognized World Cup. Is it true in term of quality?

Copa is much ahead in term of Tradition. It is recognize as the oldest football tournament in the history.  The first Copa America tournament was held on 1916 as American Championship. On the other hand, EURO tournament first held on 1960. This year for the first time after 2004, Copa America and EURO are holding in the same time. However, in this special edition of Copa Central America’s teams are also playing along with Latin America’s team.

Copa America or EURO 2016

Now let’s come to comparisons. Top 5 teams of FIFA ranking are playing at Copa and another 5 teams are playing at ongoing EURO. 7 teams are belongs to Copa whom played last World Cup’s knockout stage. World No. 1 footballs star Lionel Messi also playing at Copa from Argentina.

On the other hand, 5 teams of last world cup’s knock out stage are plying at the EURO 2016. In place of Messi here, the one of the best 2 player of the world Cristiano Ronaldo are playing are EURO for Portugal.

UEFA demands, this year’s 1.2 million spectators comes in the first 36 matches. An average of 46 thousand 153 visitors came to the field per match.  In the same time 45 thousands 108  spectators come on field to enjoy the game live from stadium at Copa this year.

Nevertheless, Cope will far behind into consideration of Television viewers. In Baseball-Basketball’s country, 3.8 million enjoy copa live match from home at TV. But Copa’s organizers’ did not give any figures on global television audience. UEFA had said before the start of the tournament, 130 million television audience will enjoy each around the world!

However, copa can despite the global broadcast but they are much forward then EURO on field play. . Copa has 90 goals in 30 matches until the semifinal, that means 3 goals per match. On the other hand, 69 goals in 36 group stage matches at an average of 1.92 at this EURO’s.

And why would the United States German coach Jürgen Klinsmann said, “I think the quality of this year’s Copa better than 24 teams Euro’s. Now we have seen so far, it must be something special. It will be able to compete with any of the terms of EURO. “

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