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by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Sunday, July 13th, 2014 | 17

Nobody will deny that Brazil messed up the opening ceremony it was so boring and lame that people were question the point of having these ceremonies before the big event. On top of that Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez did not live up to the expectations in their part of performance which lead FIFA & Brazil FA to make things up in the closing ceremony as they are inviting the real queen of World Cup ceremonies “Shakira” to perform at 2014 world cup.

Shakira to perform at 2014 world cup closing ceremony

FIFA has confirmed that Shakira will perform in the closing Cermeony and with that she will complete her hattrick of world cup ceremony performances. She performed in 2006 world Cup, while she was all over 2010 world cup in south africa and now she will finish of the 2014 world cup with her performance on her worl cup song La La La (Brazil 2014) at the Maracana stadium.

Closing Ceremony Details
Date Time Venue Performers
13 July 2014 15:30 Local – 19:30 Uk Maracana, Rio Shakira, Carlos Santana, W. Jean, Ivete Sangalo


Closing Ceremony Performers:

Like we mentioned before Shakira is confirmed to be part of 2014 world closing ceremony, but other stars will be there ?

Carlos Santana, Wyclef Jean and Alexandre Pires will be singing live their official world cup anthem called “Dar Um Jeito” while local star Ivete Sangalo will be singing couple of portugese (brazilian songs) and there is also a Samba performance which will be performed by students from different schools in Brazil.

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    Someone please correct “Shakira” in the title, it is misspelled there is no “d” in her name. Appreciate it.

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    Shakira…Lego 🙂

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    do you know any site to watch the world cup final match on online??? please tell me.

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      This is online

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    Shakira u did a briliant job in fifa

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  • flor

    Was she singing in English? Why would she do that when she could have sing in Spanish. She is Colombian, Latin singer, and the world cup was in Latin America .

  • Agha Ata

    I just wanted to see the ceremony. Shakira is not the closing ceremony. This is the most difficult thing in this World Cup. I never expected it. I am disappointed. It is not availablae due to certain parties rights. That is ridiculous.


    why was this not shown on TV in the UK?

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