Chile 30 Men Team squad for Copa America 2015

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, May 24th, 2015 | 0

Chile the home team for this season’s Copa America is also one of the hot favorites. Some are saying that this team is the golden team of Chile and there is nothing this team cannot achieve.

What makes people say something like that you ask, well I believe seeing the names on their squad might answer your question. If you still haven’t found the answer then I will be adding it at the bottom of the squad list.

Chile team squad

Here is the names of the players that made it to the Chile Squad.

Position Player Name
Goalkeeper Claudio Bravo
Goalkeeper Paulo Garces
Goalkeeper Johnny Herrera
Defender Gonzalo Jara
Defender Gary Medel
Defender Eugenio Mena
Defender Juan Cornejo
Defender MiikoAlbornz
Defender Mauricio Isla
Defender Jose Rojas
Midfielder Marco Medel
Midfielder Charles Aranguiz
Midfielder Jean Beausejour
Midfielder Fernando Meneses
Midfielder Carlos Carmona
Midfielder Marcelo Diaz
Midfielder Matias Fernandez
Midfielder Jose Pedro Fuenzalida
Midfielder Felipe Gutierrez
Midfielder Arturo Vidal
Midfielder Rodrigo Millar
Midfielder David Pizarro
Midfielder Jorge Valdivia
Forward Alexis Sanchez
Forward Edson Puch
Forward Eduardo Vargaz
Forward Mark Gonzalez
Forward Mauricio Pinilla
Forward Angelo Henriquez
Forward Junior Fernandes


Important Players –

Fernandes, Gonzalez and players of this caliber will be leading the offense of Chile and I believe this is quite a formidable combination that Chile got. Their midfielders are full of talent and they have the ability to control the midfield as they are able to make good team play and that is important to dominate. They have defenders that can keep up with players like Messi and Neymar and although their defense still lacks but they can put up a very good fight against any team. Bravo, their goalkeeper who plays with Messi and Neymar in Barcelona is a very good keeper and one of the best of this generation. He only allowed 18 goals this entire season that literary tells how good he is been doing at the moment.

Overall they will get home advantage and home supporters which will give them the mental edge against any team. These are the reasons why they are one of the hot favorites this season. Let’s hope they plays well in the field to prove that they deserve the trophy. Chile’s fan are hopeful about Copa America 2015.

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