Chelsea on the Winning Run

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, December 20th, 2015 | 0


Chelsea just say good bye their previous Portuguese coach Jose Morinho. And Chelsea was played their very first match after Morinho against Sunderland. And beat by 3-1 goals at home.

Before starting the match at Stamford Bridge speech “Jose Morinho, Simple the Best” the spectators sing song for Jose Morinho. And the scenarios continue till the ending of the match, though Chelsea won this match against Sunderland by 3-1 goals. This was only their 5th victory of the season at EPL, though they are the defending champion of EPL.

Though the spectators missed the former coach Jose Morinho and they were besides on this Portuguese coach, Chelsea comes on their lost form after good bye of Morinho. This team was beaten against AFC Bournemouth on their very previous match of this match and after left Morinho Chelsea get back on their winning run, also the victory were by 3-1 goals. That season Chelsea lost 9 games on that season which was the 3rd most in the league so far as only Sunderland and Aston Villa on the top of the list of most defeats. And current they are on the 15thin league table and one time they were on 17th on the table. On the 5th minutes of the game Chelsea find the net of Sunderland. Branisrav Ivanovic scored that goal after a fine cross from Brazilian left back Willian. Spanish Striker Pedro scored their second goals on 13th minutes of the game. Brazilian Oskar scored the 3rd goals from penalty at 50th minutes of second half.

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