Chelsea didnt even give a chance to Lisbon

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Thursday, December 11th, 2014 | 0

Chelsae’s aim was the finish the group stage as undefeated. Hose Mourinho’s team walked that path quite comfortably. they defeated Sporting Lisbon by 3-1 and with that they made clear that they will not be easy to defeat in the Champions League and they are also one of the teams who has a great amount chance to win the Champions League. they players of Stamford bridge made their position clear to all the other players of the Champions League.


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On Wednesday night the three scorer for Chelsea was Fabrigus, Shurle and Michel.

Fabrigus scored from penalty. Chelsea got that penalty on the 7th minute of the match. Ricardo from Lisbon had a fowl inside their own d-box and that resulted in a free kick/penalty for Chelsea. Fabrigas made the perfect use of this opportunity and got the first early goal for his team.

within 5 minutes of this Shurle scored the second goal fro Chelsea and doubled the distance from Lisbon. Shurle’s shot which came from Matcich’s pass went past the Lisbon goalkeeper and that resulted in another goal for Chelsea.

Lisbon scored their first against Chelsea in the second half and with that they brought the difference to one goal. Jonathon Silver’s goal gave them a fighting chance against the in-form Chelsea.

OB Michel however took the situation out of Lisbon’s control and brought the game totally in Chelsae’s favor. He scored from a corner kick of Cahil and that took Chelsea to 3-1.

either team couldnt score after that and the game ended with Chelsea winning comfortably.

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