Brazil’s Olympic future may hang on a toss !

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 | 0

Brazil is hanging on a thread on the Olympic 2016. The equation for Brazil could not have been harder than it already is. Of course their easiest equation is win their 3rd and final match in the group stage against Denmark and they would be able to go to the quarter final. But, considering their form in recent matches, it would next to impossible to play this match as the favorite team to win this.

Thus, a draw would be the most logical and positive result for Brazil in this match. However, if that happens, then Brazil’s future may well be decided by a coin toss.

Let us explain that below –


For now, Brazil and Iraq has both 2 points from their 2 matches. These two teams will be playing their last match. However, in comparison Iraq has to face the weakest team in the group which is South Africa while Brazil will be facing off against Denmark who has already confirmed quarter final.

If Brazil gets a draw and Iraq gets a draw by the same score then everything between them will be equal. First, if the points are same then they will look at the goals scored which will be the same as till now both teams has yet score or concede any goals. After that, the face off comes and that has already been a draw and thus the last resort to this would be a toss and that may as well decide, which of these two teams will be going to the next stage. Of course, if Iraq wins and Brazil wins by the same margin then these two teams will be going to the next round beating Denmark.

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