Brazilian Legend PELE is getting well

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Saturday, November 29th, 2014 | 0

The legendary football player of Brazil, PELE, is getting well. After being taken to the intensive care of the doctors his condition is getting well and this news was announced by PELE himself.

Pele said on social media Twitter that the only reason he was shifted to an intensive care room was to keep him calm and that’s the only reason.

He also said that he will be spending his upcoming vacation with his family and he is really hopeful that he will be well by then. Pele also said thanks to all those fans and others who came to see him in the hospital.


BBC news said that, 74 years old Pele was admitted to Albert Einstein Hospital of Sao Paolo on Monday. He was hospitalized because of urinating infection and after that he was transferred to Intensive Care Unit.

Pele went to hospital due to stomach ache at the beginning of this month. Then it was revealed that he had stones in his Kidney. After a successful Operation, he returned to home on 13th November feeling well.

Local media is claiming that during that operation, some kind of infection might have happened and they also said to check about the doctors.

Pele, who is known as the greatest footballer of all time had won 3 world cups for Brazil. The football player controlling organization has described him as “Best Player of a Century” and gave him the credit. International Olympic Committee has given him the title “Hundred Years best Athlete.” He is also known as “National Treasure” in Brazil and its government. There is no doubt however that he is the best possible player in the history of football and I doubt that any other football player will ever surpass him.

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